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Would love to spank that ass before giving her a good deep fucking.

No. I'd treat her with respect while enjoying each others company.

You gotta get a nice fistful (like bunch your fist up, very important) at the base of the girls hair (base, not the ends. Very *very* important) and you can pull nearly as hard as you'd like. She gets to be dom'd on w/out feeling like her hair's being tugged out. As for your wife though, my hands would stay on those hips and that itty-bitty waist. Fun for everyone, right? Lovely hair and thanks for the heads up since she does not like the hair pulling what about slapping that ass while doing her doggie style. Well, now that you mentioned she doesn't like it, I wouldn't. But not knowing? I would learn the hard way as well! Wow, you are really gorgeous! This isn't something I notice on Zoig very often but you have incredible hair ;) She does have beautiful hair.She's got beautiful everything ;-)